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Shenzhen Yanhua Packing Products Co., Ltd.Shenzhen Yanhua Packing Products Co., Ltd.Shenzhen Yanhua Packing Products Co., Ltd.Shenzhen Yanhua Packing Products Co., Ltd.Shenzhen Yanhua Packing Products Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Yanhua Packing Products Co., Ltd.
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Stick The Temperature Sticker On The Cup

Product Description: When you stick the temperature sticker on the cup and pour boiling water into the cup, you can observe the temperature change of the temperature sticker on the cup. So you can understand the temperature of the water. In life, if the temperature sticker sticks to the baby's cup, it will not be hot to the baby and convenient, fast, practical and better. Thermometer stickers attached to cups can be reused. Do you think it is feasible? Then you can experiment: first sticker on the cup, inject boiling water, observe the data and record. Then pour the boiled water into the cold water and let it cool down, observe and record the data. Finally, repeat the operation experiment, observe the data and record. The liquid crystal sticker attached to the cup is non-toxic, tasteless, safe and environment-friendly, and can be used safely. It can be widely used in electronic products, electrical products and so on. Now do you notice that the multi purpose thermometer label is amazing? If you are interested or need to use it, you can contact us. We will answer for you and serve you. In addition, we also produce other types of label stickers, such as anti-counterfeiting label, security label, water discoloration label, color label, product label, etc. Let me pick you up!

Cosmetic environmental protection cylinder gift box

Product Description: The magnetic eyelashes cylinder gift box adopts whiteboard paper and decorative paper, and the weight of the white paper and facial paper can be determined according to the weight of the product; or customized according to the needs of the customer. The size of the cosmetic cylinder gift box: diameter (6.6cm), height (4cm); can also be customized according to customer requirements. Tailored for your product. Cosmetic environmental protection cylinder gift box can be recycled, recycled, using environmentally friendly materials in production, environmentally friendly technology and pollution-free treatment is the development direction of the gift box printing industry. The decorative facial paper of the cosmetics high-grade cylinder gift box can enhance the product value through bronzing (silver), embossing, four-color printing and the like. It is close to the market, caters to the market, guides consumption, and meets people's multiple functions of material packaging and spiritual enjoyment of goods packaging. The beautifully beautiful cylinder gift box uses a novel and unique shape, bright colors, beautiful and delicate patterns, and each characteristic material makes the packaging have a striking effect, so that consumers will have a strong interest as soon as they see it. Only the goods that attract the attention of consumers are likely to be purchased. In addition, our company also produces other types of carton packaging products. For example: customized wooden box type, corrugated box type, card box type, paper bag type, plastic bag type and so on. Have everything that one expects to find. Gift packaging should be designed with gifts to add to the gift and avoid being overwhelmed.

The Bamboo Wine Gift Boxes

Product Description: The bamboo wine gift box is a type of product packaging, it must achieve the basic function of the package, that is to complete the protection of goods, delivery of goods information, promotion of goods. Bamboo wine packaging gift box should also convey information on emotional communication between people and enhance the positioning of bamboo wine. It is a bridge for human emotion communication and a bridge of friendship and love. When designing bamboo wine gift boxes, color techniques should be noted from the following points: First, the relationship between color and packaging; and second, the contrast between color and color. A good colored bamboo wine box can be favored by consumers. The shape, color, pattern, and material of bamboo wine packaging boxshould be able to arouse people's love. The consumer's ignorance plays an extremely important role in buying impulse. People's goodwill for products comes from two aspects. The first is the practical aspect. Whether the bamboo barrel wine gift box can meet the various needs of consumers and provide convenience, this involves the size, quantity, and exquisite aspects of the packaging box. When the product's packaging is beautiful and beautiful, it will naturally cause consumers to feel good. The goodwill of consumers directly comes from the feeling of the shape, color, pattern, and texture of the bamboo wine gift box. This is a comprehensive psychological effect and is closely related to the personal and personal atmosphere. In addition, we also have other types of bamboo wine packaging products, such as: bamboo wine packaging cartons, bamboo wine color boxes, bamboo wine custom wooden boxes, bamboo wine portable paper bags, etc. Gift packaging should be designed with gifts to add to the gift and avoid being overwhelmed.

cartoon sticker that can change the temperature

Product Description: Sticker that will change color on ceramic cup, this is a kind of observable sticker changes, so as to understand the temperature of water, simple and convenient, high feasibility. Colorless color change to colored label sticker on coffee cup are very sensitive to changes in temperature. You don't need to try it to see how hot the coffee is, how easy it is to operate, how easy it is to use, and how likely you are to get burned. White on water bottles become colored stickers are great, and if you use them, you'll find them magical and convenient. It's simply a treasure instrument in life. The cartoon sticker that can change the temperature will not only have the function of temperature and color change, but also can be used for decoration. Its subtlety: it can be used repeatedly. The degree of practicality is self-evident. Baby bottle thermosensitive sticker is a kind of thermosensitive sticker, if the milk temperature exceeds a certain temperature range, sticker will change the pattern or color, prompting parents, the bottle of milk can be given to the baby to drink. The traditional method is to use adult wrist temperature or mouth temperature measurement, which are inconvenient and unavoidable deviation, especially with the mouth temperature measurement, it is very easy to adult oral virus and harmful bacteria to children, forming secondary pollution. For the sake of infant health, a sticker with temperature sensitive color has been introduced. In addition, our company also has some other self adhesive labels. For example: water discoloation label, anti-counterfeiting label, security label, paper barcode label, product label, color labels, etc. A quantity, its heart is already cool; Measured, unpredictable!

express logistics paper bags

Product Description: There are many types of express logistics paper bags: air bubbles, peritoneal and so on. Material, size, color, etc. are customized according to customer requirements. Environmentally friendly logistics paper bags can be recycled and are not toxic. White kraft paper logistics paper bags look neat and generous, low cost and recyclable. Black card logistics paper bags are both environmentally friendly and resistant to dirt. The bubble logistics paper bag plays a protective role in transportation and is convenient. Give the logistics bag a new idea and let the customer understand your mind.Yanhua Packaging welcomes you to join! In addition, our company also produces other types of packaging products. Such as: packaging cartons, gift boxes, color boxes, card box, plastic bag and so on. Have everything that one expects to find!

Foreign trade export cardboard boxes

Product Description: Foreign trade export cardboard boxes must have, ordinary packaging of foreign trade cartons do not have to do commodity inspection. Shantou is used for identification when it is used to ship goods. Normal customers will provide their own. If they are not provided, you will use the name of the product, the company information of the guest, and the contact information. The export standard carton: (1) sculpting and plate making personnel lacked the necessary professional knowledge, typo, missed characters, and more characters; (2) the content was complicated, messy, and the layout was not standardized; (3) the printing effect was poor. There are exposed bottoms, deinking, etc.; (4) improper use of text fonts, font sizes, and graphic proportions. Hardening the export cartons increases the grammage of the facial or liner paper of the corrugated cardboard so that the cartons will be harder. The English words used in export corrugated boxes are inaccurate and irregular, which makes the contents of the gimmicks confusing or wrong. It is easy to cause the goods to be inconsistent, difficult to check, and bring inconvenience to the warehousing, transportation, receiving and other personnel, and even the consequences of foreign claims. Therefore, attention should be paid to the standards and norms of the language used in Shantou. Strengthen the core export carton to strengthen the weight of the paper core, so that the hardness of the carton is stronger. In addition, our company also produces other types of carton packaging products. Such as: Yellow carton, white carton, antistatic cartons, waterproof carton, wax coated cartons, varnish waterproof carton and so on. Have everything that one expects to find! This is the cross-section structure of corrugated cardboard.

Mascara & Eyeliner Gift Box

Product Description: Mascara & Eyeliner Gift Box Size: 22*13.5*3.5cm. High-end mascara and eyeliner gift box material: single white gray cardboard coated paper. The entire box of mascara and eyeliner packing box is a drawer box, with surface light glue, color printing processing, mascara and eyeliner packaging gift box lining is plastic black flocking, looks high grade, high grade, attracts consumers Eyeballs, make mascara and eyeliner stand out in the same line! Mascara and eyeliner are essential for women's make-up, and through the design of the mascara & eyeliner gift box packaging and superb production technology, the cosmetics looks more high-end and has an intuitive influence on consumers. It is evoked by consumers. Important factors of interest in the product and the desire to purchase the product. In addition, our company also produces other types of carton packaging products. For example: customized wooden box type, corrugated box type, card box type, paper bag type, plastic bag type and so on. Have everything that one expects to find.   Gift packaging should be designed with gifts to add to the gift and avoid being overwhelmed.

The Color Red Wine Gift Box

Product Description: Graphics is an important part of packaging design, the main carrier of information on Color Red wine gift box, and an important way to attract consumers' attention. Wine Package Color Gift Box size: single bottle (13*10*35cm), two bottles (23*10*35cm). The whole box of Wine Package Gift Box is 2000g gray board and 175 copperplate paper, dumb rubber + burgundy printing + UV, and pearl cotton + flannel. The UV coating and embossed logo look shiny and beautiful, making the eyelash case a beautiful gift. Not only can you show your product, but the product has been protected very well. Even let the Red Wine Packaging Gift Box look more high-end, has an intuitive influence on consumers, is an important factor to arouse the consumer's interest in the product. These can be designed with your brand colors, brand logos, etc. to make your product stand out from the crowd.  Gift packaging should be designed with gifts to add to the gift and avoid being overwhelmed.

A flat bottom kraft paper bag

Product Description: A flat bottom kraft paper bag is a type in which the bottom of the paper bag is opened and the bottom is flat. It is convenient and beautiful. Yellow kraft paper bags are often used in the food packaging industry, for example: hand-made bread bags, KFC bags... white kraft paper bags are used in cosmetic packaging. Hand-held kraft paper bags are used more frequently in shopping. Color kraft paper bags are suitable for clothing, pharmaceutical additives, etc. The size of the kraft paper bag can be customized according to customer requirements, and the weight of the paper can be customized according to requirements. The corresponding graphic description is printed on the surface of the paper bag, and the publicity effect is good. In addition, we also have other styles of kraft paper packaging products, such as: kraft paper packaging cartons, kraft paper box, kraft paper waterproof portable paper bag and so on.

The robot accessories environmental protection gift box

Product Description: The box of the whole box of the robot accessory gift box is a drawer box, which is composed of two parts, an inner pocket and a sleeve. The sleeve is only open on one side. Its size: 20*10*2cm (can be customized according to customer needs). The outer box of the robot accessories high-end gift box has been processed externally (bronzing, UV, four-color printing...), and the upgraded grades stand out from the competition of the peers, attracting consumers' attention and causing the sales to soar. People are visual animals, and often good-looking things will be seen several times. However, the color accessories robot accessories gift box are designed according to this phenomenon, and the color required for customization is not only good-looking, but also plays a very good publicity effect. In the past two or three years, more and more people have paid attention to the consumption concept of [green, environmental protection and nature". The robot accessories environmental protection gift box can be recycled and recycled, reflecting the beautiful concept of green nature and environmental protection. The robot equipment drawer gift box must be able to be stuffed into the outer box. In general, the box is responsible for protecting the goods, the structure must be firmer, and the outer box is the value of the face, which must be beautiful and generous. In addition, our company also produces other types of packaging products. Such as: corrugated paper box, packaging cartons, gift boxes, card box, paper bag, plastic bag and so on. Have everything that one expects to find! Gift packaging should be designed with gifts to add to the gift and avoid being overwhelmed.

the high-grade color folding gift box

Product Description: The size of the high-grade color folding gift box: 29*19*5cm (can be customized according to customer needs); the color meets the customer's product, customer demand; material: can recommend the (required) suitable for your product. The suit folding gift box has a unique design that allows the box to be folded up and transported flat, saving shipping and storage costs (saving more than 80% of shipping and storage costs). Exquisite folding gift box value for money: the market price of each activity in the box is higher than the price of the gift box; the highest quality and perfect service provided by the top merchants. The eco-folding gift box can be recycled and recycled. Folding gift boxes are generally used in cosmetics, clothing, food and other industries. Of course, you like the structure of this gift box, no matter which industry you use. Hard-folded gift boxes are generally made of folding-resistant cardboard with a thickness of between 0.3 and 1.1 mm, which can be transported and stored in a flat folding stack before shipment. The folded paperboard has sufficient long fibers on both sides to produce the necessary folding resistance and sufficient flexural strength so that it does not crack along the indentations after folding. In addition, we also have other types of folding packaging, such as folding paper box, folding corrugated packaging cartons, folding paper bag and so on. Gift packaging should be designed with gifts to add to the gift and avoid being overwhelmed.

Environmental protection OPP card head plastic bags

Product Description: Transparent OPP card head plastic bags are generally highly transparent, easy to fully display the products in the sale, so card head bags are usually used as commodity sales packaging, both play a protective role, but also play a beautifying role. Color OPP card head plastic bags are rich in color and can be produced according to needs. The card head bag is usually made of OPP, and some high-grade head bags are made of OPP/CPP composite. The thickened OPP card head plastic bag is blow molded, non-toxic and feels like wax. It has low temperature resistance and is not resistant to oxidizing acids. Environmental protection OPP card head plastic bags are environmentally friendly and beautiful, chemical stability is good, can resist most of the acid and alkali erosion; but polyethylene is very sensitive to environmental stress (chemical and mechanical interaction), poor heat aging resistance. The size, thickness and LOGO customizable plastic bags of medium-sized OPP card head plastic bags have been widely used in electronic, stationery, tableware, socks and other fields of sales and packaging. In addition, we also have other styles of plastic bags, such as PE bone plastic bags, PE organ plastic bags, anti-static plastic bags.

The environmental protection PE bag

Product Description: The transparent PE bone bag has a good transparency and easy coloring. The appearance of plastic bags is also beautiful and generous. The color PE bone bag can be used for inside and outside packaging of various small items. The self sealed bag made of food grade material can store all kinds of small food, tea, seafood and so on, moistureproof, waterproof, insect proof, prevent from scattered; self sealing bag can also be used in clothing and other daily necessities of packaging, widely used. The thickened PE bone bag insulation has better performance. The tuyere is concave and convex. It can be sealed by hand kneading. It is also called PE self sealing plastic bag. The environmental protection PE bag has no chemical effect on the product, it is non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly and healthy. It's very popular in the food industry. The cost of processing the small PE bone bag is low. This is also an easy processing advantage for plastic packaging. Size specifications can be made. In addition, our company also produces other types of packaging products. Such as: packaging cartons, gift boxes, color boxes, card box, paper bag and so on. Have everything that one expects to find!

The environmental protection PE organ bag

Product Description: The export Pe organ bag has the advantages of improving packaging efficiency, convenient transportation, convenient unloading, and good isolation. It is dust-proof and waterproof. The making of the color print PE organ bag: the advanced printing equipment, the good ink and the experienced printer's supervisor to make the printing color more accurate and the pattern clearer. The environmental protection PE organ bag is made of PE, which is safe, environmental friendly, non-toxic and tasteless. It is loved by the majority of mankind and widely used. For example: shopping, food packaging... Moisture-proof stereo PE organ bag is packed into a square bag after the bags are packed, and the bags are neatly packed, giving people a visual impact. The thickened PE organ bag is highly sealed, moistureproof and waterproof, and has made great contributions to the food industry. Of course, other industries are also commonly used. In addition, our company also produces other types of packaging products. Such as: packaging cartons, customized wooden box, gift boxes, paper box, card box, paper bag and so on. Have everything that one expects to find!  

Environmentally friendly pe flat pocket

Product Description: Pe transparent flat pocket is the simplest production process. After the film is blown by the machine, it is cut into a bag on the bag making machine and the bottom is sealed. Colored pe flat pocket can print various color patterns on the surface of the bag body. It has a good advertising effect. This product can be used repeatedly. Environmentally friendly pe flat pocket is non-toxic and tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly, with good toughness and strong seal. It is widely used in life and can be seen everywhere. Plus thick pe flat pocket is a transparent plastic bag, waterproof, can be used for clothing, luggage, electronic products and other packaging. The food PE flat pocket PE is a polyethylene which is odorless, non-toxic, feels like wax, and has excellent low temperature resistance.When the gold is "bag", sharing is wonderful. In addition, our company also has some other plastic bags. For example: antistatic plastic bags, OPP self adhesive plastic bags, environmental PE organ bags, etc.

the custom corrugated cartons

Product Description: Custom corrugated cartons have single pits, double pits and three pit corrugated boxes. Customized personalized cartons can be printed with personalized slogans or pictures. The custom-made yellow carton is made of Taiwan yellow cardboard, which is more expensive but at a higher price. Special hard-customized cartons increase the weight of paper, paper, and core paper, or increase the grade of corrugated board; however, the price is slightly high. Reinforced custom carton can be called a reinforced carton, and it is obvious that the carton is hardened by increasing the weight of the core. "Safe me, Yanhua packaging. Have me, please rest assured." In addition, we also have other types of packaging products, such as fumigated wooden boxes, color boxes, gift boxes, plastic bags, paper bags and so on. This is the cross-section structure of corrugated cardboard.

Health Gift Box
Heaven and Earth cover gift box
Even Cover Gift Box
Clamshell Gift Box


Gift box design outline

Gifts are a short-lived commodity. Affected by festivals and consumer groups, it is basically a short, frequent, and fast product. Once in the market, it must show its sales ability. Of course, if you want to show your sales capabilities, you not only rely on the location and image of your business ads. More importantly, the communication comes from the product itself, and the product itself includes product quality and packaging. Product quality is a prerequisite, and packaging is performance, interdependent, and mutual. In fact, the packaging design is carried out in a limited picture, which is a space limitation. At the same time, the packaging is sold to the buyer in a short time, which is a time limit. This time and space restriction requires packaging design to be blind and complete, and everything should be equal. The key is to determine the relevant information on the three aspects of goods, consumption and sales for comparison and selection. The basic point of selection is conducive to increase sales. The following is a list of related projects that Yanhua Packaging will determine for reference. The trademark image of the product, the meaning of the brand; The functional utility and texture characteristics of the product; Origin of the product, local factors; The sales background of the goods, the object of consumption; The difference between a product and an existing product; The state of the product's similar packaging design; This product has its related characteristics and so on. Yanhua Packaging reminds everyone that these are the media information of the design concept. When designing, learn as much as possible about the relevant information, compare and select, and then determine the focus of performance. Therefore, designers must have a wealth of knowledge and cultural knowledge related to commodities, markets and life. The more you accumulate, the wider the concept of the world, the more paths you have, the more basic the choice of key points. First, the performance angle After determining the form of expression, this is a deepening, that is, there must be a specific breakthrough after finding the main target. If a trademark or brand is the focus of performance, then it is a manifestation of a certain meaning of the brand image or brand performance. If the product itself is the focus of performance, it is the external image of the product or the internal properties of the product. The co-composition still shows its functional utility; things have different perspectives of understanding, and more focus on one aspect of performance, which will contribute to the expressiveness of performance. Second, the performance method Just as performance focus and performance perspectives are like goals and breakthroughs, performance technology can be a tactical issue. The focus and perspective of performance is primarily to address ongoing work. This is only half of the solution. Good performance skills and expressiveness are the vitality of design. Regardless of their behavior, they must express certain characteristics of content and performance. In a broad sense, everything must have its own particularities. Everything must have something to do with other things. In this way, in order to represent things, to represent an object, there are two basic techniques: one is to directly express certain features of the object, and the other is to express things indirectly through other things related to the object. The former is called direct performance, the latter is called indirect performance or called performance. According to Yanhua Packaging, this outline is the soul of design. It is difficult to formulate formulas such as fixed syntactic methods and conception processes in design creation. Most of the creations are from immature to mature. In the process, some or none of them are positive. It is normal to modify or add some. The core of this idea is to consider what and how to represent two issues. To answer these two questions, we must address the following four points: performance focus, performance perspective, performance skills, and expression. In combat, the focus is on attacking the target, the angle is the breakthrough, the tactic is the tactic, and the form is the weapon. Any of these links will not be properly handled.

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